Why Fight the Ticket?

Traffic OffenceTraffic tickets affect your ability to drive in many ways. They can affect your ability to earn a living if you have a need to drive to or from work, or, if you are required to drive as part of your employment or if the cost of your insurance rises due to tickets you’ve received. They all will affect you negatively for years to come.

It‘s in your interest to at least discuss with us any tickets you may receive and see if there’s reason to fight that ticket.

Sometimes it pays to talk to a professional even before you respond to the ticket because sometimes you are hurting yourself because the ticket is defective or improper on its face, consultation is free (talk is free). There are times that you are better to just pay the ticket but most times it is better to be represented because tickets can range to thousands of dollars or even up to six months jail and up to 2 years licence suspension for some of the more serious offences. Even if you feel you are guilty or not guilty you should speak to a Licensed Professional to find out your options. Sometimes we can see a defence where the average person can not.

Free ConsultationWhether it is a ticket or a summons to attend court call us first because even to pay us a little is better than paying your insurance company increased premiums for the next few years, insurance companies have a long memory and justify increases because of a driving record for a long time.

It is important to check if a paralegal is licensed, but just as important the court experience of the paralegal in the field you are retaining them for. A lot of paralegals do only guilty pleas and are not able to run a successful trial because they have only done the office portion of the business and have to out source to other agents who are able to do trials. Check their references !

Can I fight my own ticket?
While you do not require representation, it is advisable to get advice from a professional in advance of attempting to deal with the traffic ticket. Initial consultations are free and there are many ways you can benefit from assistance. Making simple mistakes or mishandling your case could be very costly. Sometimes tickets that initially appear like simple charges are quite complex. Some are extremely technical in nature, while others are more serious and carry severe penalties. Have your ticket and circumstances reviewed by a professional to determine what is in your best interest and ensure that your rights are protected.
Will I have to appear in court?
For most offences, you will not be required to appear in Court. Although in some cases your attendance is required because, you have been ordered by the court or will be providing testimony. In such situations we will advise you. However, most clients are never required to set foot in the courtroom and may only be required to meet with us once. The average meeting takes approximately 10-20 minutes. Then, we look after everything else. tent
Will my insurance rates increase?
The objective is to avoid convictions, eliminate or reduce demerit points, fines and insurance consequences. Many tickets can negatively affect insurance rates but, most of them can be addressed before they do. The cleaner you keep your driving record the easier it is for us to help you. For this reason, it is important to defend the first ticket, even if you think it is “no big deal” or unlikely to hurt you.
How long will it take?
The average time frame, from receiving the ticket to completion of the case, is typically 2 – 6 months although some offences can take longer.
The fine is cheaper than the fees, should I just pay the fine?
It isn’t cheaper to just pay the fine. The fine is no comparison to the cost of insurance increases, losing your driver’s license, or if you drive for a living, the possibility of losing your job. The impact of a traffic ticket goes much further than an imposed fine.
I have a court date, can I just pay the ticket?
Tickets with court dates are summons to appear and cannot be “paid” or settled out of court. These are fairly significant offences and potentially carry heavy penalties. These summons cases require you or your legal representative to attend court and enter a plea. As these cases are typically serious, you should speak to a lawyer or paralegal immediately.