Seatbelt Violations

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By law every person in a vehicle is required to wear a seatbelt. Although seatbelt use has increased, it still remains one of the most commonly issued traffic tickets. Seatbelt infractions include the driver or passenger of a motor vehicle not wearing, or not properly wearing their seatbelt, driver not ensuring that passengers under the age of 16 are wearing their seatbelt, not occupying a position with a seatbelt, not ensuring that a child passenger or toddler is properly secured, driving a vehicle with the seatbelt removed or inoperative.

Seatbelt use has been proven to save lives in the event of motor vehicle collisions. Choosing not to wear one puts you in danger and can also endanger the other passengers in the vehicle.There are a few exemptions to wearing a seatbelt:

  • Driving a motor vehicle in reverse
  • Medical reasons (accompanied by a certificate from a medical practitioner)
  • Being engaged in work that requires you to exit from your vehicle at frequent intervals as long as the vehicle does not travel above 40km/hour

A driver can be charged and face:

Driving with an inoperative seatbelt or being charged as a passenger not wearing a seatbelt does not carry any demerit points. However, any other seatbelt infraction carries 2 demerit points against your driver’s licence.

Any conviction for a seatbelt infraction will remain on your driving record for 3 years. and may affect your insurance rates.

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