Fail to Remain

Fail to Remain

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Fail to Remain

Fail to remain is one of the most serious charges under the Highway Traffic Act. By law, anyone involved in an accident must remain at, or return immediately to the scene, and render all possible assistance.

You are also required to provide any person(s) involved with the following:

  • Name and address
  • Driver’s Licence number and jurisdiction
  • The vehicle’s insurer and policy number
  • the name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle
  • permit number

You could also be found guilty of “Failing to Remain” by refusing or failing to provide these details.

As an extremely serious charge, the penalties reflect that:

  • A fine of between $400-$2000
  • Demerit Points.
  • Possible suspension of your driver’s licence for up to 2 years
  • Possible jail time of up to 6 months

A failing to remain conviction will stay on your driver’s abstract for three years. Your premiums could be thousands of dollars more per year, if your insurer does not opt to refuse to continue coverage.

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