Conviction Code Table

The Conviction Code Table lists offences applicable to commercial motor vehicle operators and their drivers.

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An officer may lay a charge against a driver or carrier/operator. Convictions resulting from charges are recorded on a carrier’s CVOR abstract with point values based on severity. Point values have been determined in consultation with a wide range of industry/insurance/provincial and federal committee representatives/predictive studies. The primary objective is to monitor the safety performance of carriers most likely to become involved in future collisions. Point values for those convictions that have occurred in Ontario can be found on the Ontario Convictions sheet.

Convictions for offences that occurred in other Canadian jurisdictions are received by MTO via a data exchange system with a CCMTA code and a general description of the offence grouped in this code category. Only those out of province convictions that occurred after April 1, 2007 will appear on a CVOR carrier abstract. These convictions groupings can be found on the CCMTA Equivalency sheet.

All convictions that are administrative in nature are zero pointed.

A brief description on the headings that appear on one or both the Ontario Convictions Table and the CCMTA Equivalency Table are found below:

Acts, Regulations, Bylaws and Their Descriptions (first three spaces on the offence code)

Code Descriptions Code Descriptions
HTA Highway Traffic Act 590 Ontario Food Terminal Regulation 704
CCC Criminal Code Canada 592 Carrier Act
LLA Liquor Licence Act 593 St Clair Parkway, St Lawrence Parks
229 Government Property Traffic Act 597 Transportation Dangerous Goods – Federal
247 Airport Traffic Regulations 628 Truck Transportation Act
277 Airport Concession Regulations 631 Contravene MVTA87
284 Licence Invalid Regulations 710 Speeding, Niagara Parks
291 Speeding Regulations 717 Snow Vehicle Regulation
320 Speeding Regulations 754 Comprehensive Road Safety Act
508 Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act (MVACA) and (CAIA) 803 Fail to Cover Load Regulation
508 Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act (CAIA) and MVACA 804 Improper Class of Licence Regulation
509 Conservation Regulation 179 805 Driving Instructor Regulation
512 Corporate Tax Act 806 Brakes Inadequate Regulation
513 Dangerous Goods Act 807 Motor Cycle Regulation
519 Environmental Protection Act 808 Parking Infraction Regulation
523 Fuel Tax Act 810 Safety Brakes Regulation
524 Game and Fish Act 811 School Bus Regulation
530 Various HTA Regulations 812 Securing Children Regulation
533 Auto Insurance Act 813 Trailer Fastening Regulation
537 Liquor Control Act 832 Public Commercial Vehicle Act
543 Motor Vehicle Accident Claim 833 Environmental Protection Act
544 Motorized Snow Vehicle Act 834 Dangerous Goods Transportation Act
549 Motor Vehicle Transportation Act 835 Truck Transportation Act (Way Bills)
552 Off Road Vehicle Regulations 886 Display Notice/Sign Regulation
567 Regulation 491 Speeding 888 Public Vehicle Act
568 Public Commercial Vehicle Act 982 Public Vehicle Act
573 Public Vehicle Act 995 Municipal Bylaw
588 Parks Act

This is an unofficial version of Ontario’s CVOR Conviction Code Table. For an accurate reference please call your CVOR Analyst (416) 246-7166 – Carrier Sanctions and Investigation Office

The “Offence Code” on the Ontario Convictions sheet is set out as follows: Act (XXX) Section (XXXXX) Sub-section (XXX) Clause (XXX) Item (XX) When searching you must include all spaces. e.g. HTA  section 107 sub 11 would be entered as follows: WITH x SIGNIFYING A SPACE =   HTAxx107x11

A “CCMTA Code” is a number assigned by a federal agency committee providing generic coding and categories to ensure the comprehensive exchange of convictions between all Canadian jurisdictions.

The”Safety Code” column identifies offences that have been considered safety (S) or administrative (A).
Administrative convictions have no CVOR points.
The Alternative Group (“Alt Group”) breaks the convictions down into the following categories:

1. Driver related
2. Vehicle related
3. Load related
4. Other

The CVOR Conviction Type “Con Type” column identifies the category of the offence where:
1 = Document
2 = Driver
3 = Vehicle
4 = Load
5 = Overweight
6 = Overdimension
7 = Dangerous Goods
8 = Environment
9 = Fuel Tax Act
10 = Hours of Work
11 = Maintenance
12 = Other

The Carrier Category “Carrier Cat” column indicates if there is a reduction to points based on Speed or Weight.

(WT1 – WT2) Overweight convictions will be assigned 3 points, where the amount of the overload is 2,000 kg or more. For overloads identified as less than 2,000 kg, zero points will be assigned.
(SPD) Speeding under – HTA Section 128 – will be pointed as follows: 1-10 km over posted speed limit = 2 points, 11-20 km over = 3 points, for all others greater than 21 km over the posted speed limit = 5 points

The “Carrier Driver C/D/B” column indicates if the convictions could be a CVOR Driver offence, an carrier offence, or both.

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