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The facility audit is an important part of the MTO’s highway safety program. It works hand-in-hand with the highway enforcement program and gives the carrier the opportunity to learn more about its safety responsibilities.The facility audit is a “risk based” assessment of the elements known to cause or contribute to commercial motor vehicle (CMV) collisions. The Facility Audit consists of THREE Profiles:

Qualifications Records and Reporting,

Hours of Service and

Vehicle Maintenance.

Each profile represents a fixed percentile of overall Audit Compliance Achieved (or overall score).

    • These 3 Profiles are evaluated in the facility audit. The total scores of these three profiles contribute to a carrier’s safety rating.
    • Each profile represents the percentage of overall compliance that the carrier has achieved.
    • Each profile consists of sub-sections weighted according to the level of risk to road safety.

Based on results of the audit, a profile of the carrier’s safety performance is created. A score is assigned and the results are discussed with the Chief Executive Officer or senior official of the company. Charges may be laid as a result of the audit and could result in conviction points on the carrier’s CVOR record.

The Facility Audit result is expressed as:

Excellent  if the overall score is 80% and all profiles are 70% or greater.

Pass  if the overall score is 55% or greater and no profile is below 50%

Fail  if the overall score is below 55% or any profile is below 50%.

If a carrier fails an audit, the Registrar may propose that the carrier be assigned a Conditional Safety Rating. If a Conditional rating is assigned, the carrier will remain at that rating for at least six months. A carrier that is rated Conditional due to a failed audit must pass another audit to be proposed for an improved Safety Rating.

    • Carriers that wish to improve their audit score and upgrade their safety rating may apply to the Ministry for a voluntary audit, but they must wait at least six months after a previous audit to do so.
    • Facility Audits will not be considered for an upgrade to Satisfactory or Excellent safety rating, if the audit was completed more than 36 months ago.

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