Carrier Safety Ratings

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A Carrier Safety Rating is a public label that is assigned to truck and bus operators. The Registrar of Motor Vehicles assigns a rating to a carrier based on the company’s safety record, which includes:

    • Collisions
    • Convictions
    • Inspections
    • Facility Audits

Carrier Safety Ratings are available to the public. They provide information about a carrier’s performance. Insurance companies, financial institutions, and shippers can find out a carrier’s Safety Rating, which helps them make informed decisions. Carriers with good Safety Ratings can promote themselves to potential customers, whereas carriers with poor Safety Ratings are easily identified.


A carrier receives one of five possible Safety Ratings:

    • Excellent
    • Satisfactory
    • Satisfactory-Unaudited
    • Conditional
    • Unsatisfactory

Carriers with an acceptable facility audit may be eligible for an Excellent or Satisfactory Safety Rating. Carriers that have not been audited will be rated only on the basis of their CVOR violation rate. The highest rating a carrier without an audit may receive is Satisfactory-Unaudited.

Carrier Safety Ratings and Normal Performance Levels


 Percentage of Threshold

0 to 15 ¹

>15 to 70 ²

>70 ² to 100

>100 ³

Overall Audit   Score

80% to 100%

Excellent Satisfactory Conditional Unsatisfactory

55% to <   80%

Satisfactory Satisfactory Conditional Unsatisfactory

0 to < 55%

Conditional Conditional Conditional Unsatisfactory

No Audit

Satisfactory-   Unaudited Satisfactory-   Unaudited Conditional Unsatisfactory

The Overall Audit Score is expressed as:

Excellent  if the overall audit score is 80% and all profiles are 70% or greater.

Pass  if the overall audit score is 55% or greater and no profile is below 50%

Fail  if the overall audit score is below 55% or any profile is below 50%.


¹ To be eligible for an Excellent Safety Rating, the carrier’s overall violation rate must not exceed 15% of its Overall CVOR Threshold and its collision violation rate must not exceed 10% of its Collision Threshold. An excellent rating will be downgraded if the carrier’s overall violation rate exceeds 20% of its Overall CVOR Threshold or if its collision violation rate exceeds 15% of its Collision Threshold.

² Once assigned a conditional Safety Rating, to be eligible for an upgraded rating, a carrier’s overall violation rate must be 60% or less of its Overall CVOR Threshold.

³ A carrier is rated Unsatisfactory for the duration of a plate seizure, suspension or cancellation.

Note: Facility audits will not be considered for an upgrade to Satisfactory or Excellent safety rating, if the audit was completed more than 36 months ago.

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