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The CVOR system is the monitoring system used by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to track the safety performance of Commercial Vehicle Operators. This point system is a cumulative system and can cause serious problems, ranging from warnings, to audits, sanctions, and even the cancellation of your CVOR privileges.

Points are accumulated for CVOR offences, accidents and incidents where your vehicle is impounded for mechanical defects. In cases where both the driver and carrier have been charged with essentially the same offence, the points for both charges will result in points being assigned to the carrier’s record, thereby increasing the carrier’s violation rate and insurance premiums.

Carriers and companies that do not dispute these charges are significantly more likely to face further interventions from the Ministry (MTO) such as warning letters, audits, interviews or sanctions ranging from fleet limitations, plate seizure, and/or suspension or cancellation of operating privileges.

Your Carrier Safety Rating means business! It is available to the public and provides information about your performance. Insurance companies, financial institutions, and shippers can all access your Carrier Safety Rating which, in turn, is used to help them make informed decisions about you as a professional operator. Maintaining a good Safety Rating means you will have little difficulty promoting your services to potential customers.

Challenging the charges received by the carrier or the drivers will significantly assist in managing and reducing the number of points being assigned to the carrier’s record and assist in avoiding interventions and undue attention from the Ministry of Transportation.

We have assisted hundreds of CVOR, Carriers and Drivers with almost every conceivable CVOR-related matter. If you are having CVOR issues or are would like to discuss improving your Carrier Safety Rating, Call Traffic Ticket D.O.C.T.O.R. Today