About Geoff Ellis Traffic Ticket Services

About Geoff Ellis Traffic Ticket Services

Geoff was charged under the highway traffic act with unnecessary noise when he was 18 years of age, and went to court.

This can be an overwhelming experience to the regular person who has no contact with the courts and does not understand the process. The whole experience can be intimidating with the semi formal procedures observed.

Geoff ended up pleading guilty with an explanation and was convicted.

William-EllisFollowing in his fathers footsteps, Geoff became an officer of the Hamilton Police Service, where he served for 3 years and spent an additional 10 years on the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force, with the 52 Division. As such, he attended traffic court often.

Knowing what he does now, Geoff should have gone to trial because his explanation constituted a defence. The justice of The Peace should have struck his plea and forced him to trial. But, when Geoff was 18 years of age there were no paralegals available that offered affordable representation, and lawyers were expensive and not well versed in traffic court. Times have changed, …

Geoff established Geoff Ellis Traffic Ticket Services ( formally “Traffic Ticket Doctor” Now advertising as Traffic Ticket D.O.C.T.O.R.) in 1989, to provide assistance to those who aren’t comfortable or capable of fighting a traffic citation.  Geoff and his many associates have filled that need to avoid such consequences.

Over the years Geoff has handled thousands of cases varying in degrees of seriousness from parking offences to fatalities and other more serious charges.

Over the years, Geoff has become recognizedAbout Geoff Ellis Traffic Ticket Services as an expert in addressing Commercial Vehicle Ontario Registration (CVOR) issues.

If you’ve been charged with a speeding ticket, a traffic infraction,  or CVOR violation, you need to weigh your alternatives … With thousands of satisfied clients, and over 20 years of experience, we successfully defend our clients throughout Ontario.

Call Traffic Ticket D.O.C.T.O.R. today to discuss your situation, protect your licence and your best interests.